Full Emergence in the Common Good

Throughout the Gap Experience, I was constantly faced with questions of self identity and plans for how I could contribute to the common good. These questions included inquiring who I was before the Gap Experience, how I changed, what I am going to do with that change, and how I was going to commit to the common good.

Before the Gap Experience, I was a well intentioned person who desired to help people. Although I already had a love for faith based service and was already a devoted Christian, I was lacking cultural perspective, and I was not sure where I could make the most difference. I began this year as an English major, with the intention of eventually becoming a high school teacher. I was also lacking discipline; I somehow always found myself in trouble with either my parents or my teachers, despite my best efforts to behave myself, but thanks to their patience, I was able to make it through high school, it was this patience that inspired me to become a high school teacher.

As I progressed through this semester, realized that although teachers make some of the biggest differences in influencing the lives of our children, my talent and passion for sharing my faith to others became more and more apparent. So much so that to others in the program it became one of my most defining characteristics. I loved it so much that I began considering the possibility of changing my major from English to Theology. As the semester continued, this possibility became more and more attractive, I realized that with a degree in Theology I could work to better both the physical and spiritual lives of others as a career.

With this new found passion, I have changed my major from English to Theology, I hope to begin my career working in service-oriented ministry, and eventually settle down and become a pastor, helping the local community with spiritual guidance. I have transformed from a high school student who had difficulty staying out of trouble to a young man who has gained favor in the sight of his educators and has been able to keep out of trouble with ease. I have not only learned how to coexist with my peers and educators, but have learned to thrive when living with people of different backgrounds and views.

The common good is working towards better lives and equality of opportunity for all. Over the course of this semester, I have transformed from someone who desired to simply do his fair share in contributing to the common good, to someone who wants to give his entire life, his entire being, over to the common good. I have realized that the part I am called to play in achieving the common good does not just mean occasional volunteering, but it means that pursuing the common good for all here on this rich earth must envelope all my time and focus. I feel that pursuing a faith-based career will allow me to do this because it will always in some way be devoted to service towards others, rather than myself.